Foam in Place Packaging all include a basic 2 part urethane foam.  The reaction on these two chemicals creates heat as it expands to fill a space. There are different densities and rates of cure depending on your job.  Interstate Products can supply you with 3 basic methods to apply this ingenious and highly effective void fill method.


The basic low price solution involves a hand held piece of equipment and rolls of poly sheeting.  This is a great idea for customers that ship many various and delicate items, saves time and reduces returns.

Cover box with film and add foam– fold film over and insert item – cover with second layer of film and add additional foam – close box and ship.


The “higher” volume solution involves a machine that can be programmed to seal and fill various size bags (all using one size of poly film).  Hit a button and a bag is dispensed, place the bag in the box – place the item – hit the button, you get the idea.

The latest technology allows low volume and ‘mobile’ users all the benefits with little of the equipment hassles.  Both foams are already in the bag – press to break the internal mixing chamber.  Bags come in 6 standard sizes and are ready for use at a moments notice.